Vapetilly: Connecting “VAPESTARS” EVERYWHERE!

A pretty rad new app recently hit the Google Market and Apple itunes Store… It’s called “Vapetilly” As in, Do you even Vapetilly bro!? Well if not, you should definitely check it out. Also,  while you are there, ya might as well follow ole Vapestars!   ***While registering, there is even an option to choose […]

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Vaping on some Cosmic Fog!

So I took a while to get this review posted, well, it’s finally  time to chat about them! Cosmic Fog seems to be a pretty popular line and their juices can be found in shops from the west coast to here in Florida. Obviously a lot of vapers are enjoying them! I will say this, […]

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Wooo Woooo: The Tugboat v2!

(cut me some slack on this video, the computer was acting crazy on me)   It’s no secret that I really love the Tugboat RDA by Flawless.. LOVE. The. Tugboat.  Been patiently waiting to get ahold of a v2… At ECC I ran into Craig from Viper Vape and Al (aka Modmen) and knowing how […]

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A Handsome Raffle & Giveaway: Win a trip to The Vape Summit!

Now this is a #handsome announcement if there ever was one… This is HUGE. The (handsome) fellas with Handsome Vape are doing  BIG things  leading up to The Vape Summit in Houston, Texas.  (Check out: for more details on this HUGE event)   Wanna be #HANDSOMEINHOUSTON ?! I will let these  Handsome Vapers explain themselves: “So it’s been […]

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The Stillare v3 by Cartel Mods

Finally! A  balance of flavor and vapor production.. The Stillare v3 RDA by Cartel Mods   I have been “following”  Cartel Mods on Instagram for MONTHS and have seen them build a great reputation and put out some great looking devices. The first few versions of the Stillare were VERY well received, yet I never […]

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Wyze eLiquids says Be Wyze!

So you probably know How much I LOVE Halcyon Vapors line of juices.. That Cran Chi, ApaChi and Tango Down.. say WHAAAAT! So I was Super pumped to hear about their newest line, Wyze eLiquids.   Wyze eliquids hit the market with 3 unique flavors: Mystik Chi – A unique blend of fresh grapefruit and acai. […]

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Plume Veil rda Clone

Chuck, my buddy, left this rda with me to tinker around with. He knows I am planning to pick up an authentic Plume Veil at some point and was he was curious as to what I would think about this clone. At a glance it has a lot of interesting air flow options and adjustments […]

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Aspire’s Nautilus Mini = BIG Time Game Changer

I can safely say this clearomizer tank lives up to the hype. The first Nautilus was on the right track, but fell a bit short IMO.. It wasn’t until I tried the mini that I really understood this though. It is very clear that the folks over at Aspire DID NOT just sit back and […]

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The Doomsday Mod v1

The Doomsday Mod, an American made mechanical mod that retails right at $120.00 available in 18650 or 18490 size in either all ss or ss tube with brass accents. The maker of the Doomsday claims  “The End of Clones” That is a bold statement, and I can appreciate their enthusiasm and confidence, but where they […]

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The ZNA, CLONED. House of Hybrid’s reaction….

ZEN and House of Hybrids responds to the ZNA being cloned…… You will DEFINITELYwant to read this.. So the extremely popular ZNA  has been cloned and it looks like they are starting to hit american soil. The ZNA by House of Hybrids is a high quality and well built  device powered by the Evolve […]

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