The ZNA, CLONED. House of Hybrid’s reaction….

ZEN and House of Hybrids responds to the ZNA being cloned…… You will DEFINITELYwant to read this.. So the extremely popular ZNA  has been cloned and it looks like they are starting to hit american soil. The ZNA by House of Hybrids is a high quality and well built  device powered by the Evolve […]

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Crunch Time for The Vaping Community! Get FDA Comment’s IN!

So we now have less than 48hrs until the the FDA will no longer accept comments on the proposed regulation’s of Ecigs.   IF you haven’t commented, NOW IS THE TIME. IF you already have, YOU CAN POST MORE THAN ONCE!   CASAA has done a great job of providing guidance for submitting, GO NOW: […]

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Living that #Tuglyfe – The Tugboat RDA

I didn’t choose the Tuglyfe, the Tuglyfe chose ME.. But shortly after that,  I DID go back and choose a black one… and a brass one…   The Tugboat RDA has taken a place as my “all day dripper” and with the colors available, you may want to buy more than one (like me lol) […]

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The 3d Printed DNA enclosure / kit by BAP (with instructions)

  Ok, I recently purchased this dna20 /30 kit from “BAP Mods” via a facebook group: DNA Builds group on Facebook “BAP” or Bradey Apgood is the man behind some really awesome custom 3d printed enclosure’s and was a great help when I was first learning about dna builds. I recently had the chance to meet […]

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“Veritas” by Illuminati Vapor!

Oh yeah! I have been REALLY looking forward to a new flavor from the Folks at Illuminati Vapor! Well I got to hang out with the Illuminati Vapor crew at The Vape Summit in Vegas and they hooked it up! Veritas is the newest member of the family and brings a unique, blueberry / lemon […]

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Atlantis Premium E-Liquid’s “Bermuda” & “Blue Treasure”

A couple of the samples I grabbed in Las Vegas at The Vape Summit a few weeks ago from Atlantis Premium E-Liquid.. Bermuda: Sweet mango & lychee Blue Treasure:  Blueberry custard I know this was a short review but I get in, get to the point and get out! If these sound like some juices […]

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The Thundercloud RDA -Bringing the THUNDER CLOUDS

Bringin the Thunder Clouds. That’s what The Vapors (VPRS) crew, the makers of The Thundercloud RDA, do on a daily basis… Since they love huge clouds, it makes sense that they would design an atomizer specifically for their style of vaping.. When I met them at VaperCon West, they told me, “JT, beat this atty up.. […]

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We Are Vapestars: Mike K.

Mike K’s story:   Im 32 and i started smoking at 16,heavy 2 pack a day started at 18. In November of 2013 i noticed at work i kept getting out of breath and heavy pressure on my chest decided then i gotta do something to quit smoking. started looking online at tips on quitting, […]

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We Are Vapestars: Rodney D.

Zombie Pimp aka Rodney D’s story: Wow where do I start, I had been a pack a day smoker for ten years. I know that my family didnt like the fact that I smoked. I really enjoyed the Camel Infused Cigs. When they discontinued them I began my journey into vaping. I didnt start vaping […]

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We Are Vapestars: Kathleen O.

Kathleen O’s story:   WHY I VAPE: Short answer:  Because it works and it’s fun! #improof The results I have received from switching to e-cigs are so significant that I wish to help others discover and find out for themselves if this is useful to them. I make no health claims other than commercial cigarettes contain chemicals […]

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