Vapestars Vaporium: A Vapestars Announcement

So some of you may already know, some of you may not, the last few months I have been working on a couple projects and I think it’s time to share them with ya’ll so, I recorded a quick video, you know, all fancy and front porchy.. I have spent almost a year in the […]

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On the Boardwalk with Boardwalk Vapors E-juice

Ok, I’m not on a boardwalk, I am on the front porch, no ocean in sight… I keep wanting to sing that old song “Under the Boardwalk” but I won’t..  Instead of singing, let’s  have a vape on the line up from Boardwalk Vapors. Glass dripper stlye bottles, sharp labels and fun graphics jump out […]

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Gearing up for the next BIG one…

Gonna blow it out with this next contest.. The next big “Vapestars Contest” will start when the Vapestars Vaporium Facebook page, ( ) hits 1000 “likes” It will be a big one.. I’m thinking at least 4-5 winners… Prizes will be announced as soon as the 1000 mark is reached. In the meantime, use discount code: […]

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Q Vapour Labs E-Liquid

The folks over at Q Vapour Labs say to ” #demandpurity  ” Seems like good advice if ya ask me.. One thing I really enjoyed is that there seems to be a signature flavor shared by all of the 4 I reviewed. No, the flavors are all different, but I just get a familiar note […]

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Venetian White E-juice: Juices of Persuasion? (contest too!)

Looking for something a little different? Ever considered blowing cucumber or Jamaican rum & molasses  flavored clouds? Yea me neither……  until I tried Venetian White’s line up.. They are doing something a little different and I think they are nailing it so far..  I have a feeling they are about to blow up. **At the […]

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and the winner of the 120ml jug of Unicorn Milk is…..

So the beautiful Ms. Taylor picked a winner…. Thank you everyone for entering, she enjoyed reading all of the comments, thoroughly lol – as always, stay tuned, more contests to come! annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd the winner is: KEVIN TROJAN !! Kevin, email me at with your shipping info and we will get this big ole jug […]

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Vapestars Vaporium E-juice’s First OFFICIAL video review by Gravity Reject!

Man, is this what juice makers go through when their juice is about to be reviewed?!? This was a nerve wracking   experience to say the least. I am just happy that people are finding flavors they enjoy.. He grabbed and reviewed 3 of the 5 flavors available currently at: David, aka The Gravity Reject runs […]

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Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood: Review and Contest!

YES.  Finally got my hands on some of this stuff, some “Unicorn Milk” v2, the second, clear version. This Unicorn Blood is super killer if you like dessert type flavors, A lot of people seem to agree it tastes like “Nesquik” strawberry milk.. To me it goes a bit farther into the custard realm, creamier […]

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That “Custardo” Though…

So, I will get straight to it.. This company makes one of the best e-juice’s I have tried over the past year. “Oh Herro E-juice!”  is run by a really good dude named Nick, his flagship / signature flavor is a vanilla custard:  ”Custardo” ( Creamy vanilla custard with no secret diactyl or acetone ingredients) […]

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Royal Wires from Dryx, resistance wire packs

Today felt like a good day to play around with some new resistance wire. Royal Wires from Dryx are available in 22g, 24g, and 26g  ”.. 6ft of “surgical grade FDA alloy” as the distributor describes them. I am currently using the 26g for my coil builds and am happy so far. They seem to heat […]

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