Cap It All Vapes Custom Top Caps For Atomizers


So admittedly I am an Igo- series RDA fanboy. Both the Igo-L & W are mandatory in my daily atomizer line up. That being said the stock top caps look great but lack personality IMO. Well CAP IT ALL VAPES has that covered! They offer custom top caps for the Igo drippers (anda AGA-t2) in stainless steel or brass and in two different styles. There is the “Immortalizer” style ( like I have ) and the “Fogatti” style cap. Here is some info from Sean , the CEO and Founder : “More details on the caps are as follows, all caps are 22mm so they sit flush on any 22mm mod (gives it a hybrid look) They come with a slighty reduced air chamber for better flavor and come stock with a 1/16th hole drilled out. They will be available in more styles for the RSST, AGA T2, AGI , Igo L/W, Trident Sleeve, and Nimbus. Also in the works are custom drip tips” Hit them up at: or @capitallvapes on Instagram.

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